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This page is dedicated to those songs of the 50's and 60's that brought a tear to our eye or a smile to our face depending on how seriously we took them.



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One of the saddest of them all would have to be
Mark Dinning's
TEEN ANGEL. A heart wrenching ditty
about a stalled car, a railroad track and
a train, a lethal combination for sure.
If you cant figure out what happend
click here for the lyrics and  to hear the song..


This sad tale of a girl from the "wrong side of the tracks" tells the story of a forbidden love with a tragic ending . Hear  Dickey Lee tell us about PATCHES..CLICK HERE


In 1958 Thomas Wayne made us
all weep when he told us of his lost
love with his tear jerking rendition of
TRAGEDY..   We all started crying
again in the early 60's when The Fleetwoods
retold this same story.

How can we forget the story of the
young man who met a girl named
LAURIE at a dance.. And while                            
walking her home loaned her his
sweater, and after kissing her
goodnight went on his way but
remembered his sweater and
returned to get  it only to find . . .
oh well you know the story, if not
click here to relive this strange tale as told by Dicky Lee..



In 1958 Jody Reynolds told us a
story about his missing girlfriend
who, apparently after a lovers
spat , headed for parts unknown.
He picked up her trail which
led directly into the deep
blue sea and through a daring
rescue was able to save her
Click here  to hear the song

In 1960 Ray Peterson got
lnvolved in a Stock Car race
gone bad and asked us with
his dying breath to


Following World War II the late

great country singer Hank Snow recorded

a song about a blind boy who had given his

dog to "Uncle Sam" to fight in the war.

Go get a Kleenix and click here for this sad tale.







J. Frank Wilson got his LAST KISS
in 1964  



In 1968 Bobby Goldsboro got the

whole country crying when he told
the story of  coming home
only to find that in his
absence the Angels came and
took his HONEY!!  Click

on the title to hear the song....


In the early 1960's Don and Phil Everly "The Everly Brothers" told the sad tale of a young soldier not having time to "go home and marry" but instead he gets permission to fly his "Ebony Eyes" to the base to marry her. Click here for the lyrics and to hear this sad tale.






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