While no one was looking the communist movement in America has made huge strides winning over hundreds of thousands of people in America that have absolutely no idea what communism is and what their life is going to be like if they allow it to take over America. It is happening folks and if you don’t wake the hell up and stop it you are going to lose everything you have worked your lives for to a bunch of young idiots who do not want to work for a damn thing and they plan on taking what they want from you. The biggest move on our country has been made by BLM. Trust me when I tell you this they do not give a shit about black lives, what they do care about is converting our capitalist nation into a communist nation and they have told us that yet apparently nobody is listening or are just plain too stupid to know what they mean when they say that their plan is to convert this country from capitalism to communism. Before too many more fools give up their freedom I highly recommend anyone thinking of joining this movement open up a few books on communism and actually read them. This will no doubt be hard for many of you who actually attended college but still are unable to read and write so if necessary get a book on tape instead and listen carefully to what is in store for you under communism.

In the meantime be sure to vote Nov 3 for Donald Trump. He is not the boogieman he is a man who truly loves America and its entire people and has your best interests in mind. He has a good start on draining the swamp in DC and elsewhere but there is much more work to be done. Had the world not been stricken with the Chinese Virus he would have accomplished so much more and he still will if you give him another 4 years. If Joe Biden is elected the whole world will be at war in a matter of a few years or less.

Keep checking my BLOG throughout the next few months. There is much more to come.

Bob Hennessey