Letter to editor NY Times

Black lives Matter founders are Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and

Opal Tometi. They have bragged that they are trained Marxists.

Marxism represents the economic theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich

Engels, later developed by their followers to form the basis for the

theory and practice of communism.

BLM’s goal for America is to replace our capitalist government with

communism. They do not deny this.

Why then do we have Nancy Pelosi preparing to submit the papers for

another impeachment of Donald Trump the former president of The

United States and just what is his crime this time? Well he is

guilty of loving The United States Of America and nothing more. The

charges are basically based on their hatred for Trump and nothing

more. When what we should be doing is arresting and trying BLM

rioters and getting them off the streets of our Major cities period.

But no we instead are going to go after a man who loves America more

than life itself. It is obvious that all these major corporations

and organizations and the entire mainstream media and of course

Hollywood do not have the slightest idea just what it is that they

are supporting. My god the stupidity that exists in this country

today is really scary. those that have shown their support of Black

Lives Matter never really investigated just what it is that they are

supporting. Believe me it is not Black Lives.

What the hell America are we really going to let a small group of communist led idiots send this once great nation into the hell of Communism?

Way to go Mr. President that is the way to unite the country NOT!!

Bob Hennessey



JANUARY 21, 2021


Equality vs equity:

Make no mistake about it. Equality is a god
 given right whereas equity is the taking of 
something from someone who has earned it and
 giving it to someone who has not.  

White Supremacy.
White supremacy has been all but entirely
 eliminated in America and do not let anyone
 tell you anything different.   The communists
 in America keep trying to brain wash  you
 into thinking that it is still some kind of
 threat in our country.  This is a bald faced
 lie being perpetrated by the left in order
 to gain complete control over the people.

Brainwashing is the telling and retelling 
of the same lie over and over again in order
 to get people to believe it.   This actually
 works in most cases because so many people
 in America are under-educated.  The 
under-educated are easy to manipulate and
 be convinced of lies.
Someone who refers to themself as being
 woke is in fact someone who has totally
 accepted  the brainwashing lies of the
 left wing in America.

Multiple Genders:
Multiple genders is the perception that
 there are more than 2 genders . Some
 believe it numbers in the 100s.  This
 of course is hogwash.  There are only
 two genders, a man and a woman and it
 has always been that way and no doubt
 always will be.
White Privilege 

The total misconception that there exists
 in America a class of people with more
 rights based on the color of their skin.
   This is an invented term devised to
 cause division in America in order for
 the left wing to gain more control over
 the people than they already have.
  It is a dangerous perception actually
 being taught in many of our universities
 and high schools. 
Left Wing vs Right Wing:
If one Googles the above term they will
 find an overwhelming bias toward the
 left when the terms left wing and right
 wing are defined there.  This is the
 result of the massive movement into
 American Politics by the Communist
 party in America.   If allowed to
 continue at its present rate we will
 be a communist country within the next
 20 years and then the real definition
 of  Left Wing will be clear but it will
 be too late to do anything about it as
 the right will have lost any power or
 control and will have been eliminated
 by all means available to the left.
 Be prepared for A BIZARRO WORLD.  

Please check in on my Blog from time
 to time for updates.   
Bob Hennessey



The following is basically a fictional dream many of us Americans have been experiencing lately. I refer to it as a fictional dream but “Who Knows What Evil Lurks In The Hearts of the Democrats”. It goes something like this:

What has just happened to our country is something I have named “Hoodwinked”.
It will no doubt go down in history as the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American public. It appears that the Democrats have pulled off this swindle in front of our eyes. And largest number of fools ever assembled in one country sat back and let it happen. Oh well
With that being said here are some more things that we can expect over the next 4 years.

  1. Get ready for the GREEN NEW DEAL because it is on the way folks as we start to go down the path to 3rd world status as a country. (more on this subject in future BLOG posts.)
  2. As soon as Biden is done undoing all of the great things that President Trump has accomplished in his 4 years he will head out on his “WORLD APOLOGY TOUR”. To any country that appears to resist his apology he will promise billions in foreign aid whether or not they ask for or need it. And as frosting for his liberal, left wing pie he will promise a path to citizenship to anyone in the world that wants a piece of the American Pie before he finishes the massive destruction he has planned for America.
  3. Providing he gets both the Senate and The House all future legislation will be based solely on identity politics. This will insure that we do not “offend” anybody in the country. Of course it will have the opposite affect every damn body will be offended.
  4. He will appoint a new federal department called The Hunt Trump Followers Department. Their mission will be to identify each and every person, roughly 75 million people who supported Donald Trump and arrest them. When they realize they have arrested half of the country’s voters the FEMA camps will be put to use with those with the most notoriety being sent to GITMO.
  5. Biden and his VP will claim responsibility for the amazingly fast development of the Chinese Virus vaccine and most people (at least the democrats) will believe them because most people cant remember what they did yesterday without checking their “dumb phones”.
  6. Anyone referring to The China Virus as The China Virus and not as Covid 19 will be fined one thousand dollars for offending our leaders in China.
  7. In the name of “Equity” for everybody all those that feel they have not received a fair shake at this point in their lives will be allowed to pick out properties owned by others who have actually worked for them, claim those properties as their own, and give the current owner 24 hours to vacate.
  8. ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and the toilet bottom feeder network CNN will be taken over by the government and there will be one government network it will be given a catchy name such as GOTCHA-TV.
  9. FOX, OAN and NEWSMAX will struggle to stay alive but once the US government (now located in Shanghai) cuts off electricity to all their locations they will surrender.
  10. The gates to America will be opened immediately after the inauguration ceremony. Joe’s handlers will show him how to make a call on his cell phone and on his way to the White House he will call his people and have them draw up the executive order to immediately let the caravans already waiting at the border come in, and they will immediately start pouring into America holding out their empty pales, plastic bags, barrels etc to hold the tax dollars they will receive as they enter. This will complete another one of Joe’s “On day one I will – – – “ promises.
  11. “The Squad” who have been waiting not so patiently will start to demand to be given their portion of the “Pie” to destroy with their insanely ridiculous socialist ideas and Joe will start to give in and hence we will start down the path to total communism in America.

Stay tuned and keep checking back there is more to come in future days.

Bob Hennessey