More anti-white hatred

When will the current mainstream media and Hollywood Anti-White hate filled rhetoric end. It seems that ever since the election of Joe Biden there has been an overwhelming amount of hatred toward white people spreading throughout the nation by the media aimed at people of “color” well people of the color white that is. It apparently is time to punish anyone who’s skin color happens to be white through no fault of their own other than being born that way. That of course goes against everything that this country stands for and always has. Sure there have been problems with our nation and they have always have been addressed perhaps not as fast as some would have them but addressed none-the-less and continue to be addressed to this day. But that is no longer acceptable it appears that now if your part of the white race you must apologize and pay for things that someone whose skin was the same color as yours may have done to someone whose skin was a color other than white. This concept is of course just plain idiotic, brainless stupidity and needs to end now before we find ourselves in another Civil War. Terms such as “Critical Race Theory”, “White Supremacy” , “White Privilege” or “White Fragility” as addressed in the white hatred book by Robin DiAngelo are nothing but divisive terms aimed at causing division and hatred throughout America.

Anyone who watches the crime dramas, medical dramas or comedy shows on TV today cannot help but see the hatred that is being spread by Hollywood. All of these shows now are almost always based on hate towards the show’s “white” characters. The late night “comedy” shows are nothing but a hate fest and not worth watching.

Well that’s my story and I am sticking to it at least until things change for the better.

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Bob Hennessey