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The Daily Press briefings are held in an effort for our government to keep us abreast of the latest news and progress being made by our president on urgent matters our nation is facing.   I personally find them quite informative and try not to miss any of them since it is the only place one can get legitimate information on the progress that is being made on urgent matters facing America.  All of the mainstream media such as ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and

CNN are all arms of the DNC and are filled with nothing but “Hate Trump Rhetoric”. There was a time when you could count on getting accurate unbiased news from all of these news outlets but ever since their candidate of choice lost the last presidential election they simply cannot get over it.  How could the candidate that they supported simply on the basis of gender lose the election?  Well she did and that was their downfall.  The only news organization left where you can obtain balanced news on a regular basis are the FOX News channels.   Thank God for FOX.

Many days these non-news outlets waste their questions at these briefings with idiotic “gotcha” questions trying to show off with each other on who can ask the dumbest question.  Whereas the Fox correspondent usually asks informative helpful questions.

Additionally anyone who watches the Drama Shows on ABC, CBS and NBC has no doubt noticed that the “Hate Trump” rhetoric has found its way into the dramas on a regular basis, spoiling what little entertainment we have left these days with their attempt to put down our president and our country.  What they simply cannot seem to grasp is that most Americans love their country and support their president and do not appreciate seeing our nation and our president disrespected.

We must destroy this “new communism” that has crept into what was once known as the democrat party.  Today’s democrat party bears no resemblance whatsoever to the democrat party of yesterday. This “new communism” has recruited a group of ignorant white children to do their bidding in the destruction of our major cities.  We must deal with it now or we are doomed.

Please check in on a regular basis for updates to my BLOG in this extremely important election year.  

Bob Hennessey