Letter to editor NY Times

Black lives Matter founders are Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and

Opal Tometi. They have bragged that they are trained Marxists.

Marxism represents the economic theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich

Engels, later developed by their followers to form the basis for the

theory and practice of communism.

BLM’s goal for America is to replace our capitalist government with

communism. They do not deny this.

Why then do we have Nancy Pelosi preparing to submit the papers for

another impeachment of Donald Trump the former president of The

United States and just what is his crime this time? Well he is

guilty of loving The United States Of America and nothing more. The

charges are basically based on their hatred for Trump and nothing

more. When what we should be doing is arresting and trying BLM

rioters and getting them off the streets of our Major cities period.

But no we instead are going to go after a man who loves America more

than life itself. It is obvious that all these major corporations

and organizations and the entire mainstream media and of course

Hollywood do not have the slightest idea just what it is that they

are supporting. My god the stupidity that exists in this country

today is really scary. those that have shown their support of Black

Lives Matter never really investigated just what it is that they are

supporting. Believe me it is not Black Lives.

What the hell America are we really going to let a small group of communist led idiots send this once great nation into the hell of Communism?

Way to go Mr. President that is the way to unite the country NOT!!

Bob Hennessey

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