America do you see what you are allowing to happen to YOUR country? Your country is being destroyed by Marxist terrorists.
While you are sitting at home on your duff watching young idiots who have absolutely no knowledge of American history whatsoever and really do not give a shit about it they are having fun tearing down our valuable historic monuments and burning our small businesses to the ground while the American fools do nothing about it whatsoever. They are posting videos of young white folks kissing the feet of terrorists all the while apologizing profusely for having been born white. What total idiots they are. They are disgusting and bring me to the brink of vomiting in their faces every time I see one of them commit these insane idiotic acts. America you are losing your country and it will not be a pretty site when the “new rulers” go door to door dragging you out of your homes and taking them as property of the “New State” and sending you off to FEMA camps to be re-educated in your “New State ” worker bee jobs
chosen for you by the “New State’s rulers”. Do I sound like I am exagerating or I am being paranoid? Really? Then I guess you have not been watching what is happening on live TV on a nightly basis. I realize most of this is the democrats being so afraid of our President Donald Trump and all the good he is doing they will do anything to defeat
him and preserve their swamp jobs in DC and total control over all the citizens of America. But once the leftist ball starts rolling downhill nothing will stop it and voila we will be ruled by a small minority of fools and morons. You might want to watch the very real TV mini-series from the 1970s titled “The Holocaust”. This show was a true depiction of life in Europe in the 1930s and early 1940s. What is starting to happen here is “history repeating itself” but who knows that it is history? Not many because guess what? History is no longer taught in our education system. What instead is being taught is brainwashing and is it ever working. Just watch TV for a few nights. The mainstream media is completely brainwashed and is trying desperately to brainwash all of us who did not attend today’s universities. November 3, 2020 is the only remaining chance for our great country to survive and if we make the wrong choice by not re-electing Donald Trump then I guess we deserve what we will definitely get by making that mistake.

In closing will one of you “peaceful” protesters tell us just what in the hell you are protesting? You already held the “peaceful” protests for the death of “Saint Floyd” so what is it you are “peacefully” protesting now? You do not know do you? You are out there because a Marxist group of people who want to overthrow our government and replace it with communism told you to go out and march, loot and destroy, and being the good little slaves that you are you are doing what you are told. You are damn fools. The BLM organization is an organization whose founding members are admittedly avowed Marxists whose end goal is to overthrow the current government of The United States and replace it with Communism. Everyone with any sense of morality believes that “all lives matter” not just the lives of a group whose goal is the destruction of America.

Please check back for updates to my Blog as Election Day nears and the fate of America is decided.

Bob Hennessey