What To Expect

What we can expect in next 4 years

Well just what may we expect to see in a Biden/Harris or DoDo/Moron administration.

Some of these may be a bit of a stretch but who knows just how evil the democrat party can be. After all look what we have witnessed in the past 4 years.

  1. Well first thing president dodo will do is require all people to wear masks everywhere probably even in bed at night while sleeping.
  2. An immediate reversal of all of the regulations that President Trump slashed during his 4 years in office thereby causing a total destruction of all of the new businesses that started up during the last 4 years and many many other dire consequences of such a dodo brained action.
  3. An immediate disbandment of the newly formed “Space Force” and probably a disbandment of NASA altogether due to “Russian Collusion”.
  4. Immediate reversal of the Trump Tax cuts causing middle Americans to lose thousands of dollars a year from their paychecks.
  5. Forced Medicare on all Americans and this of course will make it similar to going to the DMV when you want to visit a doctors office “pick a number” while you wait on wooden chairs for your number to be called.
  6. Make it a hate crime to disagree with any government position (lots of people will probably turn up missing).
  7. Food shortages due to most Americans being laid off because of factory closings and business closings for failure to meet all of the regulations that were reinstated and those that will be added.
    8.Outlawing of all political parties except the newly formed Democrat/communist party formed during the 2020 election.
  8. Outlawing of all fossil fuels causing most Americans to have to walk everywhere they go if there is even anywhere to go.
    9. A new Reconcilliation force that will send out notices to all people who were unfortunate enough to have been born white whereby they will be required to publicly apologize for their race because of something people with the same color skin did hundreds of years ago.
    South Africa already has such an organization.
    10. President dodo will offer a path to citizenship to the entire world for anyone who wants to live in America and enjoy our tax dollars.
  9. 11. Flying the American flag in front of your home will be illegal because you might “offend” someone who does not know what it is.

Check back for updates to my blog and more items for the list of more things that will change in America

Bob Hennessey

Please note – Forgive me for referring to the President as Dodo and the VP as Moron but when Rashida Tlaib a member of congress referred to President Trump as a “motherfucker” I lost all respect for the democrat party. ‘