Why Trump Lost


Let me make this absolutely clear there are two reasons Donald Trump was not re-elected to the Presidency 1) there was undoubtedly some cheating going on the extent of which we will not know for days or perhaps weeks and 2) Joe Biden was not elected President by the American people. Joe Biden was elected President by the Main Stream Media, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and a few other MSM broadcasters who on a daily basis spewed their hate-filled rhetoric non-stop. They are the ones who elected Joe Biden to the office of the Presidency. And of course the reason for this is because Hillary Clinton was supposed to get elected as the first woman president of the USA and when she was not elected they went absolutely berserk broadcasting and publishing hate-filled lies about the president on a daily basis never

reporting any of the president’s accomplishments and there were many. Instead what happened was through all of their hatred these news organizations started intimidating anyone who favored Trump to the point that people were afraid to even mention that they liked Donald Trump and appreciated what he was accomplishing. People were getting beat up on the streets of America if they dared show up in a Trump hat, or t-shirt. We should not make the mistake of thinking that the Democrat party is the party of tolerance. They are the party of hate period. This new Democrat party is definitely not the Democrat party of yesterday. It has been infested with left wing socialists/communists and if we continue to fall for and believe their lies we are in for a whole world of problems, such as $20.00 a gallon gasoline, $5,000.00 monthly health insurance premiums, $1,000.00 monthly property taxes, food prices that will have us all eating ramen for three meals a day etc. if we can even get that. Good luck America . In the meantime please check back with my BLOG as I definitely have more to say on this subject.

Bob Hennessey